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Community created on December 22nd, 2009.
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01. Can I hotlink?

02. Can I use any of these graphics out of livejournal?
Ask me first.

03. How do I credit you? I don't know how to use those little livejournal links.
Copy what's inside the box:

Have any other questions? Ask here :D
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member form

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01. Always credit me if I've made you something. It's rude not to :/
02. Do not edit any blinkie I make you. If I've spelled your name wrong, or made a mistake, let me know. I will fix it.
03. Always fill out the member form when you join. If you join without filling one out, I will automatically deny your membership :(
04. I'm not super big on manners, but a "thank you" is always nice :D
05. Please do not use these graphics out of livejournal. If you absolutely insist, send me a message asking first.
06. Absolutely do not hotlink any of the blinkies. Save it to your own server(photobucket.com is a nice place to save them!).

If you break any of these rules, you will be banned permanently D:
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